Motorola City of Houston Public Safety Radio System Project

The City of Houston made a decision in 2007 to upgrade the Public Safety Radio System.  This entailed upgrading the infrastructure to increase system capacity, allow for interoperability, and ensure the cost effectiveness of the technology.

In 2008 the city turned to Motorola, a premier provider of Public Radio Communications, to provide an end-to-end solution.

ADSI was chosen as a trusted partner to provide a 16,000 square foot state of the art warehouse, warehouse staff, inventory control, logistics, and project management for the microwave back-haul system. Some of the many duties of our PM is to provide project cost, scheduling, and impact forecast. Ensure the project scope and all change orders for contract compliance. The maintenance of historical project data and technical contract documentation is crucial to the project’s success.

“Project 25,” as it is commonly known, is to upgrade the existing City of Houston’s Public Safety Radio System (PSRS) by utilizing the Motorola ASTRO 25 radio TDMA technology in conjunction with an IP based platform for scalability, security and increased capacity.  The system will enable a complete handshake network between all public work users and public safety services (Fire, Police, and Public Works), through a common system utilizing RF coverage, network management and dispatch services.

Tiburon, City of Houston RMS Project

The Houston Police Department (HPD) is replacing their in-house developed Records Management System (RMS), Jail Management System (JMS) and certain mobile applications, with a set of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solutions. Tiburon, Inc. out of Pleasanton, California was selected and is currently in the planning and implementation phase.

The HPD RMS project includes a number of elements.  First, is the replacement of their current RMS & JMS solutions which have become very complex and highly customized after more than 20 years of development by their in-house team. Secondly, the project includes the replacement of their field reporting solution found on their laptop computers. Included is the data conversion for more than twenty (20) disparate databases. HPD is connected to other agencies with more than forty different interfaces, Tiburon will write the interfaces from their COTS solutions to all of HPD’s external data sources.

The responsibilities of ADSI project managers entails the various data conversions and interfaces related to the project, including the planning for each of these disciplines. As well, the project managers insure that each of Tiburon’s resources manage their deliverables efficiently.  ADSI also interfaces with Data Conversion personnel and Engineers from Tiburon to follow up on their responsibilities and to deliver information from the HPD RMS Team.

SAP/Public Sector, City of Houston SAP Project (Houston One)

ADSI was a sub-contractor to SAP Public Sector for the City of Houston from its inception in January 2005. This project included the design and implementation of a SAP (ERP) System.  The company was involved in both Phase I and Phase II. The City of Houston chose a structured, comprehensive methodology for their program called Accelerated SAP.  The project focused on the replacement of the City’s Financial, Payroll, Materials Management, and Human Resources systems in which ADSI provided both technical and functional consulting. The areas of expertise provided included architects, developers, team leads, and trainers. The company was involved in preparing the Blueprint, Work Plans, addressing the Business Process Procedures (BPP), and instrumental in preparing the technical and functional documentation. ADSI also managed the critical knowledge transfer to COH assigned staff. The Houston One Project received the 2008 ASUG Impact Award for Public Sector.



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